Institute of Career Orientation & Vocational Guidance is the only organization in Greece, state or community, dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of Career Οrientation and Vocational Guidance, providing services to all, without discrimination.

It aims to help people realize & improve their talents & skills in order to define the most suitable position for them in the modern labor market, thus greatly improving the conditions of their lives in personal, social & family level.

  IEPAS is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of people with multifaceted contribution to society and with different vocational background. The founders, being aware of the paramount importance of the matter, join their forces in order to promote the aims of Career Counseling. Integrated services of Career Counseling have a great role in personal & social well-being. The initial stimulus that set founders on action was the fact that Greece is still in infant stage of development & lacks of such services. Providing services of Career Counseling in national level without discrimination, can have positive societal & economic impact.


Personalized career orientation programs for young people (14-20)

Vocational Guidance & Career Counseling

Supportive actions for the development of Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship

Career-skills advancement

Employment outplacement